Which features to look for in a photo editing app

How will you get the best out of your photos? Photos are no longer holiday gatherings, social functions, and pretty sunsets. But now they range from special events to normal day to day life experiences, every dish you eat, new shopping, and even your selfies. With smartphones though offering great optics to capture high-resolution results, having the best photo editing app like genielens app can offer you great picture results on the go.
Besides the standard crop and enhance features there are a bunch of features required this means from changing photo background to adding stickers to orientation enhancement. Check out the must-have features that you should have in your photo editing app.
  • Lighting
The feature lets you easily adjust the brightness, contrast, and highlights in your photo by letting you select the variation from the slider bar.
  • Sharpness
It lets you adjust the picture sharpness, making it duller or sharper. All you have to do is simply scroll over the picture to make it picture-perfect.
  • Color
Do you want to change the coloring of your picture? The feature should have a wide range of color options from vintage to tint to fade to black and white etc.
  • Photo background change
It’s the most “in demand” feature these days that you will find in the Genielens photo editing app. This feature allows you to change your picture background to something you desired to put. You can change your picture background to any desired one from the given image library.
  • Blur
The feature lets you blur the background, enhancing the actual image.
  • Blemish
Have imperfections you want to remove? Simply tap the imperfection in the picture on the screen and watch it vanish.
  • Redeye
This works just like other red-eye removal features. Pick a circle size; tap the point in the picture you want to fix and your pictures are as perfect with no more red-eye.
  • Frames
The photo editing app lets you choose from a variety of options to frame your shots. There’s everything from standard frames to filmstrips to those that can apply an antique effect.
Apart from the above-mentioned options, it is important that a free photo editing app has a user-friendly design that is easy to function. The features are simplified along with great filter and collage making options.
This photo background changer app, Genielens apps, enables users to do photo editing by offering a wide number of facilities in terms of features for the social media users, first-time photo editors, amateur photographers, and full-time content creators and bloggers. Additionally, this is one of those free photo editing apps, that provides its users with fast, powerful, and easy editing tools.

There are so many fun and useful photo editing app features in the Genielens app that you might end up using it to edit and share all your pics. If you haven’t given Genielens app a try, download the free app on your phone and see how it quickly transforms your memories into some amazing stories that you can share with friends and family.